Cup winners

OTT Plaque

Over the Top action

Year Helm Crew
1980 Pete Ewing For taking a Spark to Lanzarote on British Airways as excess baggage.
1982 Udo Prothmann For accidently sailing his Spark behind the iron curtain and getting arrested
1985 Mike Johnson For taking a Spark to The South Atlantic on a Royal Navy HMS Penelope and sailing it by the Icebergs & Penguins at South Georgia
1986 Nick Dewhirst For brainless enthusiasm and many capsizes at Grafham in a force 6 wind
1987 Peter Richardson For inviting 3 dozen caravanning friends to share the delights of the demo boats at Rutland and for laying on our first Northern Event at Bala
1989 Jeremy Lewis-Evans For circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight from Weston Sailing Club
1990 Paul Fairbank For sailing in force 7 winds, hail and lightening at Snettisham TT
1991 Jimmy Johnson For regularly sailing his Dart 15 at the age of 71 when both boat and sailor have several replacement parts
1992 Jim Jeffrey For sailing his Dart 15 across the English Channel
1995 Tom Scott The only cat to sail all the way to Walton in a very windy 3 Piers Race
1996 Donald Ingram For owning a Dart 15 and taking it apart to keep in the back garden and carrying it through the house every time he wanted to sail.
1997 John Davies For sailing his Dart 15 alone off Abersoch despite previous heart attacks
2003 Carl Blenkinsop For the largest trailer to carry 2 Dart 15s (for Carl and Michelle) because he has a bad back
2014 Erling Holmberg Liam Thom For sailing their Sprint 15s from Shanklin to Alderney and back the following day with no support vessel
2018 Yvonne Pike Sailing to Lundy with a pair of idiots
2019 Liam Thom Circumnavigation of Britain
2020 not awarded
2021 not awarded

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