Cup winners

Sport Mode Pro-Am Cup

Held by the Amateur at the Sprint 15 Sport (Dart 15 Sprint) Championships

Year Helm Crew
2001 Ian Mounce Erling Holmberg
2002 Roger Bone Laurie Gustar
2003 Colin Price Robin Leather
2004 Gordon Smith Laurie Gustar
2005 Carl Blenkinsop Robin Leather
2006 George Love Carl Blenkinsop
2007 Robert Way Laurie Gustar
2008 Ian Mounce Ed Tuite Dalton
2009 not awarded
2010 Mark Aldridge Robert Way
2011 Anthony Gray Mark Aldridge
2012 Simon Fleet Robert England
2013 Liam Thom Kevin Dutch
2014 Anthony Gray Liam Thom
2015 Roger Bone Simon Giles
2016 Eamonn Brown George Love
2017 Chris Murphy Mark Pritchard
2018 Aron Kirby Anthony Gray
2019 Liam Bunclark Fraser Manning
2020 Ian Mounce Scott Wilcox

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