Cup winners

z) Cat Clinic Pro Am Cup

Cup Held by Amateur. (Pro is listed as crew) Replaced in 2005 with Frank Sandells Pro Am Cup

Year Helm Crew
1990 Colin Kidner Roger Hodgkison
1991 Bob Todd Maurice Mattison
1992 Roger Davies Maurice Mattison
1993 Maurice Mattiison Danny Burkill
1994 Barry Hoggard Cliff Burkill
1995 Colin Kidner Danny Burkill
1996 Barry Hoggard Bob Hancock
1997 Barry Hoggard Peter Richardson
1998 Paul Berry William & Jon Tusting
1999 Barry Hoggard Laurie Gustar
2000 Erling Holmberg Peter Richardson
2001 Paul Berry Robin Leather
2002 Alistair Dean Matt Smith
2003 Frank Sandells Steve Hanby
2004 Nick Dewhirst Frank Sandells Cup retired. Next year becomes Frank Sandells Pro-Am Cup.
2005 cup replaced by Frank Sandalls Cup

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