Seasalter SC Traveller 17-18 June 2000

Contact: Jeff Kiddle 01634 261174

Location: Seasalter Sailing Club, Kent

Seasalter SC hosted the Dart 15 Traveller event on June 17th-18th and all the sailing elements, winds F3-4, sunny weather, good Frank Avery courses and excellent food, came together to give all, a great weekends entertainment.

The two races on Saturday were dominated by the Dart 15 ardent traveller, Bob Carter with Gordon Goldstone and Nick Dewhirst sharing the 2nd and 3rd places. A report from the back of the fleet, reported sighting Nick Dewhirst doing a 360, but this was not enough to allow Herne Bay's Terry Webster to get third in first race. The second race had the locally grown talent, challenging behind the travelling hero's, in the shape of Martin Searle "sprinting" into 4th place. In the evening the fabulous weather and that footie match (England vs. Germany), made the ideal background for one of Seasalter's famous B-B-Q's.

Sunday dawned and true to the forecast the ideal conditions continued. The fleet increased with Whitstable's sailors, Nick Crook and Paul Dudman sailing over, but how Nick Crook viewed the sight of his Dart 15 sailing off across the Thames estuary like the Mary Celeste, thankfully is unrecorded, however Nick and Veronica were all sorted out to join the final race. Seasalter veteran light wind specialist, John Dutch, joined the fray and managed to claim both 3rd places, behind those Dart 15 experts Bob C and Nick D. Yet again rumours circulated that Mr Dewhirst was spotted becoming intimate with a particularly pretty mark and doing another 360.

Overall Results
1st Bob Carter Grafham
2nd Nick Dewhirst Whitstable
3rd Gordon Goldstone Queen Mary
4th Martin Searle Seasalter
5th Jeff Kiddle Seasalter

First Sprint: Martin Searle (Seasalter)

First Two Up: Eric Sales + Mark Dolton (Seasalter)

First Lady: Gay Woolven & Alma (Whitstable)