Beaver Winter Handicap Saturday 8 December 2001

Location: Beaver Sailing Club, Near Doncaster.

Dart's at Beaver SC 8th Dec 2001

The second Dart 15 Winter TT event took place on Saturday 8th December at Beaver S.C. near Doncaster, with 13 entries arriving to sail two races in a light 10 knot Southerly breeze.

The 1st race kicked off around 11.15 a.m. and it was Stuart Snell From Grafham who took an early lead after a well-timed port end start, followed by local ex. National champion John Postlethwaite, Bob Carter from Grafham and Steve Sawford from Rutland. Although several challenges were made during the race, Snell opened up an increasing gap to win by a large margin at the end, and the following boats finished in the same order. The wind direction changed slightly for the afternoon race, so a revised course was set which added a couple of short runs to the proceedings. This time it was Sawford who shot out of the starting gate to give a similar performance to Snell, and won by almost a full leg in the end. Behind, Postlethwaite was up there again, but ultimately appeared to pay penance for his extra kilos, and both Snell and Carter got past in the fickle breeze, which played tricks on many of the other entries, so they finished in that order.

Stuart Snell therefore deservedly won the overall event, and the fleet now look forward to the next meeting at Rutland in January.

P. Smith.

Overall Results
1st Stuart Snell 1896 Grafham W.S.C
2nd Steve Sawford 1733 Rutland S.C
3rd John Postlethwaite 1769 Beaver S.C
4th Bob Carter 1945 Grafham W.S.C
5th Steve Hanby 1869 Beaver S.C
6th Austin Flather 1808 Beaver S.C
7th Barrie Hoggard 1815 Beaver S.C
8th Henry Clark 1911 Swanage S.C
9th Richard Hanby 1451 Beaver S.C
10th Paul Smith 1900 Beaver S.C
11th Ron Sawford 1784 Rutland S.C
12th Elliott Gill 1543 Beaver S.C
13th Ian Smith 1955 Grimwith S.C