Dart 15 Winter 2002/2003 Events Results

The Dart 15 winter traveller series was concluded at Grafham on Sunday 9 March. All 5 events were sailed and 46 sailors took part and 13 qualified with 3 races completed. The events were at Stewartby, Beaver, Rutland, Queen Mary and Grafham. George Carter retained the series with 1,1,1 from Paul Smith (1,2,2) and Stuart Snell (1,3,4).

CompetitorsEventBest 3 Results
NameSailStewartbyBeaverRutlandQueen MaryGrafhamPointsPlace
George Carter1818-11-131
Paul Smith1961122--52
Stuart Snell198234-1-83
Steve Sawford173328-2-124
Mark Aldridge1966-73-2125
Paul Craft19777--35156
Phillip Howden1939410847157
Erling Holmberg1959813683178
Gordon Goldstone191810-596209
George Stephen1594--95112510
Peter Richardson1579-117-92711
Barrie Hoggard18156171613-3512
Chris Black19425-4--4913
Tim Benton1944-221414-5014
Bob Carter1945135---5815
Jonathan Perkins1938--126-5816
Paul Tanner1863---1185917
Alan Welman192212--10-6218
Stuart Pierce1903--1112-6319
Ron Sawford17841418---7220
Tony Skinner5271524---7921
Richard Hanby1451-3---8322
William Tusting1947----48423
Steve Hanby1869-6---8624
Peter Lytton1221---7-8725
Graham Shrimpton15959----8926=
Matthew Smith1900-9---8926=
Steve Petts1934--10--9028=
Alistair Dean1970----109028=
Steve Cole178611----9130=
John Keyte1805----119130=
Dave Stanbridge1747--12--9232=
Neil Storr1715-12---9232=
Nathan Cook1769-14---9434
Chris Barrow1856--15--9535=
Laurie Gustar1935-15---9535=
Keith Chidwick1840---15-9535=
Robin Hall129216----9638=
Charles Watson1237-16---9638=
Ian Curd1249---16-9638=
Steve Wakelam147917----9741
Gareth Farr52818----9842
David Fleming1215-19---9943
Robin Boardman1515-20---10044
Frederick Fisher1709-21---10145
Malcolm Thompson1762-23---10346

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