Traveller, Halifax Sailing Club 18-19 June 2005

Nine travellers joined five home boats in Halifax SC's first Sprint event. Earlier in the week winds were only forecast for 5-7mph, which probably put some travellers off. However, true to form England's highest sailing club turned up trumps with a warm SE veering SW wind which built during Saturday morning to ensure that even the heavier helms were seen to be flying a hull upwind & achieving some quite wet, if not totally wild, tight reaches.

Paul Smith

The first race saw some tight bunching on the line but a clean start, setting the theme for the weekend. George Carter (1818) took an early lead up the beat, which the ROD was able to set for the full length of the pond. Carter retained his lead throughout, taking line honours from Paul Smith & Neil Storr. The chasing pack enjoyed close competition, with only Steve Roberts falling behind due to a swim at a gusty leeward mark (too many corners for a sea sailor!) and Andrew Addison recognising the problems of a tired sail.

In race two, a pattern started to emerge as G Carter (1818) lead the charge, followed by Storr, Charles Watson, George Stephen & Bob Carter. After a slight difference of opinion over water at the mark with Storr, Watson was goaded into action & pulled away, only to be passed in the last lap by R Carter, but managing to snatch back second place, by less than a second, on the line. In the chasing pack the gusting wind caused problems for George Carter (1082) in a port-starboard when his boat rounded up on to Smith's rudder, splitting Carter's port bow & forcing retirement for a major Duck tape repair. Home club helm Dave Walker had a better race than colleague Carter (1082) and found a good deal of pleasure charging upwind through the middle of the fleet.

Charles Watson

After tea, race three was sailed in the strongest winds of the weekend. Carter (1818) once again led the way with Watson & Smith having a good tussle, leading to Watson eventually pulling away for second place, R Carter held forth until a "Senior Moment" found him at the wrong buoy & allowing Storr through.

A balmy evening provided the ideal unwind from the day's events at a convivial bar-b-q with an ALMOST Caribbean sunset.

George Stephen

All three races on Sunday were sailed back to back due to concern over the threat of storms. The Pro-Am race was sailed on Sunday morning, with much shouted advice from the Pro's. Roberts was doing well at the front until George Love took the lead, streaking away from his Pro to take the prize.

Hylton Donnelly

Race four gave the Carters a one two, father chasing son hard with Smith in third & Stephen posting his best position in forth. Steve Tunnacliffe also scored his best position of the weekend after picking up some good tips in the Pro-Am from R Carter. Hylton Donnelly had to retire for the day with a bad back, claiming lack of fitness & vowing to get out on the circuit more.

Neil Storr

Race five started with a change of leadership with Smith & Dave Holyoak getting to the windward mark ahead of G Carter (1818), but Carter managed to first haul in Holyoak and on the last lap Smith. Watson in forth managed to fend off a number of attacks from R Carter, but could not get past Holyoak until the last reach provided Watson a cheeky little gust & catching Holyoak unawares, then covering Holyoak up the short final beat.

Results table

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Charles Watson
Halifax Sailing Club.

Photos by K. Brennan