Filey Sailing Club Teach-in : Summer Series
Saturday 10th - Sunday 11th May 2008

The Northern Teach-in took place at Filey on 10-11 May. Top Carsington catamaran instructors and Sprint 15 sailors, Ray Gall and George Love made the trip to Filey to impart their wisdom to this Club which has some 9 Sprint 15 owners and quite a few Catapults.

There were 5 boats and 6 punters who took part including locals Andy Phillips, Jim Bryce, Richard Smith (with boat named Blossom*), Chrispen and Nick (2-up sailing) and Steve Davison who had made the trip from Halifax. After checking the rigging of the boats and giving some hints on how to set up the boats the sailors set out for an on water coaching session. This developed into sailing a course with the rib following the boats and shouting hints and advice on how to improve. Sadly mid way through the sailing session the wind died leaving the sailors no alternative to paddling home. Back at the club there was a debrief session followed by a talk on rules and tactics, after which it was "off-t-pub".

Sunday kicked off with a mist and the sailors had to wait for a while for it to clear. Eventually it did clear and a fresh breeze kicked in. There was a bit more coaching followed by 2 hotly contested races. Most participants concluded that it was a very worthwhile weekend and that they would make more use of their boats now that they "knew what they were doing".

Thanks were expressed to Ray Gall & George Love for taking the weekend out to train some of our Northern contingent.

* The name, Blossom, evidently came in for some stick from our intrepid pair of instructors. The boat was named by its previous owner Daphne Roberts, who also sailed at Filey some years ago. - ed.