Summer Series 2017 Report

The Sprint 15 Summer Traveller series ended at Grafham Water on Sunday 22 October with all 5 events being completed but it was a near thing. Storm Brian caused the Grafham Cat Open to be postponed but Grafham managed to run the Sprint 15s Inland Championship on the Sunday but the strong winds caused a reduced attendance.

The series consisted of 2 two-day events at Marconi and Seasalter  plus 3 one-day  events  at  Draycote Water, Newhaven and Seaford (a new venue for the fleet) and, as it turned out, Grafham Water in a variety of wind strengths. Attendances were good with a total of 61 competitors taking part in the series and the top attendance was 29 at Marconi. All the one-day events managed to complete 4 races and the experiment to try one day events in the Summer series was judged to be a success.

Paul Grattage was able to retain the overall Traveller Champion Trophy but the Trophy for the top standard format boat went to Liam Thom, also of Shanklin. Marconi won the Traveller Team Trophy. Other honours are shown in the list below.

The fleet now move on to the Winter Traveller series which kicks off at Stewartby on 4 November.

Report by Bob Carter

Final Results Summary:

Overall TT Series Top Places: 1st Paul Grattage (Shanklin) 4 pts, 2nd Liam Thom (Shanklin) 5 pts, 3rd Chris Tillyer (Marconi) 9 pts, 4th Jenny Ball (Marconi) 10 pts,  5th Ed Tuite Dalton (Draycote) 11 pts,  6th John Pearse (Marconi) 19 pts, 7th Eamonn Brown (Marconi) 32pts, 8th Erling Holmberg (Shanklin) 34 pts,.

Traveller Overall Champion: Paul Grattage (Shanklin)
Traveller Standard Mode Champion: Liam Thom (Shanklin)
Traveller Team Champions: Marconi (ChrisTillyer, Jenny Ball, Jon Pearse)
Southern Champion: Paul Grattage (Shanklin)
Northern Champion: Paul Grattage (Shanklin)
Inland Champion: Thomas Sandal (Grafham)
Long Distance Trophy: Liam Thom (Shanklin)

Final Results Summary:

Overall TT Series Top 5 Places: 1st Paul Grattage (Shanklin Sailing Club) 4 Pts , 2nd Liam Thom (Shanklin Sailing Club) 5 Pts, 3rd Chris Tillyer (Thorpe Bay Yacht Club) 9 Pts, 4th Jenny Ball (Marconi Sailing Club) 10 Pts, 5th Ed Tuite Dalton (Draycote Water Sailing Club) 11 Pts

Una and Two-Up Fleet Top 3 Places: 1st Liam Thom (Shanklin Sailing Club) 5 Pts, 2nd Chris Tillyer (Thorpe Bay Yacht Club) 7 Pts, 3rd Ed Tuite Dalton (Draycote Water Sailing Club) 10 Pts

Sport Fleet Top 3 Places: 1st Bill Hurr (Draycote Water Sailing Club) 11 Pts, 2nd Charles Humphries (Newhaven & Seaford Sailing Club) 19 Pts, 3rd Paul Grattage (Shanklin Sailing Club) 19 Pts

Southern Champion: Paul Grattage (Shanklin Sailing Club)

Northern Champion: Paul Grattage (Shanklin Sailing Club)

Inland Champion: Thomas Sandal (Grafham Water Sailing Club)

Full Series Results are available here

Event Summaries:

Total Number of Individual Competitors who attended at least one event: 61

Event Attendance Summaries
TT EventNumber of Home CompetitorsNumber of TravellersNo. of Una or Two Up CompetitorsNo. of Sport Mode CompetitorsTotal Number of Competitors at Event
Marconi Sailing Club121728129
Seasalter Sailing Club71621223
Draycote Water Sailing Club91017219
Newhaven & Seaford Sailing Club51314418
Grafham Water Sailing Club35808

No. of Competitors From Each Club
Who Took Part In At Least 1 Event
ClubNumber of Competitors
Brightlingsea Sailing Club1
Carsington Sailing Club1
Christchurch Sailing Club1
Dee Sailing Club1
Draycote Water Sailing Club9
Grafham Water Sailing Club4
Harwich Town Sailing Club1
Isle of Sheppy Sailing Club1
Marconi Sailing Club13
Newhaven & Seaford Sailing Club5
Queen Mary Sailing Club2
Seasalter Sailing Club7
Shanklin Sailing Club4
Stewartby Water Sports Club2
Stone Sailing Club3
Thorpe Bay Yacht Club4