Winter Series 2012 - 2013 Results


The results presented below are provisional and should just be taken as a guide to your current placing

PAR Scores: Are a unique concept in the Sprint 15 fleet. These are lower than the usual DNC (series entrants + 1) for the series and are currently assigned by the Events Secretary, however a means of calculating PAR is being worked on, the proposed formula is: max number of entrants in the largest event + 5. For Handicap points the PAR of the UNA format is used regardless of the mode sailed. Sport mode fleet points have their own PAR score the current PAR used by the system are displayed below, these have been automatically calculated for the series using the above formula

-PAR Score for this Handicap Series is: 34 pts
Competitors Qualified for the Series - Prizes are only awarded to Qualified Competitors
Number of Events To Qualify: 3
Competitors with a Tie Break

RYA\ISAF Rules A8.1 & 2 are being used for tiebreaks

Ties Broken by A8.1 are indicated by ¹
Ties Broken by A8.2 are indicated by ²

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Handicap results
CompetitorsEventBest 3 Results
NameClubSailStewartby Water Sports Club TTCarsington Sailing Club TTDraycote Water Sailing Club TTQueen Mary Sailing Club TTGrafham Water Sailing Club TTPointsPlace
Stuart SnellGrafham Water Sailing Club1982111--31
Paul CraftWorthing Sailing Club1267344--112
Peter SlaterDraycote Water Sailing Club1627735--153
Gordon GoldstoneQueen Mary Sailing Club200415711--334
Paul GrattageShanklin Sailing Club1458-23--395
Steve SawfordRutland Water Sailing Club17336-2--42 6 ¹
Jan ElfringDraycote Water Sailing Club1913161115--42 7 ¹
Simon FarthingGrafham Water Sailing Club18984-6--448
Robert EnglandRYA1351-97--509
Richard PhilpottColne Yacht Club1988125---51 10 ¹
Jon FinchStewartby Water Sports Club18908-9--51 11 ¹
Ed Tuite DaltonDraycote Water Sailing Club194011-10--5512
Robert FinchStewartby Water Sports Club183810-12--5613
Andrew McLeishCarsington Sailing Club733186---58 14 ¹
Derek JamesDraycote Water Sailing Club1744-1014--58 15 ¹
Erling HolmbergShanklin Sailing Club200713-13--6016
George StephenQueen Mary Sailing Club159424-8--6617
Mark AldridgeGrafham Water Sailing Club192----7018
Simon MilesStewartby Water Sports Club18275----7319
Michael SteerCarsington Sailing Club1696-8---7620
Mark NormanStewartby Water Sports Club14319----7721
Ray GallCarsington Sailing Club1914-12---8022
Liam ThomShanklin Sailing Club55414----8223
Philip WarnerDraycote Water Sailing Club1756--16--8424
Bill HurrDraycote Water Sailing Club1736--17--85 25 ²
Andy BunyanStewartby Water Sports Club128917----85 26 ²
Black PeaRYA198--18--8627
Roger AckroydWitham Sailing Club171519----8728
Rob BaileyThorpe Bay Yacht Club175520----8829
Gary BurrowsThorpe Bay Yacht Club187121----8930
Robin HallStewartby Water Sports Club129222----9031
Howard HawkesSnettisham Beach SC164323----9132
Jon NealeStewartby Water Sports Club87925----9333
Chris ClarkeStewartby Water Sports Club37826----9434
George WoodGrafham Water Sailing Club190827----9535
Mark BunyanStewartby Water Sports Club134328----9636
Liam HowcroftStewartby Water Sports Club116729----97 37 ²
Karl PountneyStewartby Water Sports Club149429----97 37 =