Forum Quotes - Sprint Tiller Extension

The standard tiller extension supplied with the Dart 15 is not considered to be really long enough for Sprinting, so most sailors use a longer tiller.

On 18th June 2001 Keith Ball asked:

Do the Class Rules specify a length for the tiller extension in Sprint mode? If not can anyone suggest a suitable length?

Bob Carter replied:

Most of us have bought the Dart 18 single handed tiller extension and shortened it by 4-6inches. It ends up just under 8 ft. Say 7ft 10inches from memory.
PS Steve Sawford from Rutland sells them ready made up, i think.

And Steve Sawford added:

The tiller extentions are 2.4m long,They have the omniflex fittings with safety cord, matt black and foam grip.
They are the dogs b...... (Bob)
They are a standard RWO part which SSM Ltd sells at 10% less than RWO rrp.(as all Rwo parts)
32.90 inc vat + Post & packing (5.)
SSM 01536 330477

Steve (1733 Tiger shark)