Forum Quotes - Jib Tracks

Dart 15's manufactured prior to Autumn 2000 can have a problem with the jib fairleads pulling out, which can be solved by fitting a short length of adjustable track. This results in more rivets holding the fairleads, and also allows you to adjust the fairlead position. Recently the Laser Centre have switched (on request of the Dart 15 Association) to using the stronger, Dart 18 trampoline tracks that have adjustable fairleads held securely by the tracks.

Note that this modification has been approved by the Association, so there's no problem racing a modified boat, if you follow Bob's instructions below.

On 15th January 2001 Keith in Hong Kong asked:

Well it's finally happened.....those skinny little rivets holding my jib sheet blocks have finally coughed.......

9 year old daughter, a few years of decay and an overzealous sheeting proved too now I want to go serious.

I know if I rivet them back in they'll not last....rivets in fibre glass......yeah right....might work for the manufacturers..!!

So.....back in June Bob mentioned an RWO track that would do the job.

How was it fixed Bob....did you have to drill out the other rivets just holding the tramp track in, or does the new track have a recess on the underside. Is there a rule on the overall length of the track and it's position.....(not that you guys will ever get to see/check!).

Bob Carter replied:

You need the following parts - all RWO
2 off 330mm track R2701
4 off end stops R2770
2 off adjustable eye R2560
You can get them all from the Pinnel & Bax web site

To fit you need lots of pop rivets. Drill off the old fairleads. Fill in one hole on each side with a pop rivet. The second hole is used to start fixing the tracks. Position the tracks roughly central to the old fairlead position (bias slightly forward if anything)using the existing hole left in the boat. Mark all the other fixing holes (4 per side), centre punch & drill the hulls. Pop rivet the tracks in pace. Seal all pop rivets with clear silicon seal. Place end stops in position. Mark and drill hulls (4 more holes!) Pop rivet end stops in position after locating the sliders on the tracks.
The whole job costs about 40. I've done it on the last 5 Dart 15s I've owned and I have never had a problem once done.