Draycote Winter Handicap Saturday 14 January 2006

20 boats turned up for Draycote Water's second Sprint 15 Open meeting, with 6 out of the 7 home boats taking part, which was a good turnout considering the conditions which were a light southerly wind and rain.

The race officer, Chris Avery, set a square course and got the first race to a smooth start and finished the race after 3 laps. Steve Sawford, sailing a boat he had made up of bits and pieces from the boat yard, led from start to finish. At the finish Bob Carter was second, Paul Smith third and Erling Holmberg forth. In the middle of the fleet competition was tight between the Draycote boats with Jon Stone, narrowly beating Ed Tuite Dalton and Jan Elfring to be first Draycote boat in 12th position.

The wind dropped almost completely away over lunch, as did the rain, and as we returned to the water for second race, the wind picked up slightly but from a south westerly direction, requiring the course to be re-aligned. This time the start line was port biased and both Steve Sawford and Bob Carter cleared the line on port ahead of the starboard pack and led the way. Steve made the windward mark first and held his lead until the second lap, when he chose the starboard side of the beat and Bob chose port which was the better choice. As the wind dropped away, Bob held his lead to win the second race, with Steve second, Paul Tanner third and Philip Howden forth.

The overall winner was Bob Carter on shortest aggregate time from Steve Sawford. Our thanks to our race officer, Chris Avery, who set two good courses despite the light winds. Let's hope that next year it will be third time lucky for the meeting and we have some windier conditions. The next open meeting is Sunday 12th February at Queen Mary.

Ed Tuite Dalton (1744)

Overall Results
1st Bob Carter Grafham
2nd Steve Sawford Grafham
3rd Paul Tanner Shanklin
4th Phillip Howden Grafham
5th Erling Holmberg Shanklin

First 3 Draycote boats: 10th Ed Tuite Dalton, 12th Jan Elfring, 14th Jon Stone.

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